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At Mr. Hardwood, we are proud to be Marietta, Georgia’s top provider of hardwood floor refinishing and restoration services. If your hardwood floors have lost their original luster, show signs of wear, or have accumulated scratches, you’re in the perfect place for a solution. Before considering the replacement of your hardwood floors, explore the advantages of refinishing or restoring them with our expert team. Moreover, if you’re interested in discovering a broader range of hardwood flooring options, visit our Marietta Hardwood Flooring page to see what we offer.

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With years of expertise, our skilled hardwood floor technicians in Marietta, GA, deliver your flooring projects with unparalleled precision and care. Specializing in both residential and commercial settings, our team ensures durable and visually stunning refinishing and repair services that boost both the appeal and resilience of your floors.

  • Restore & Revitalize Your Hardwood Floors: At Mr. Hardwood, our dedicated team is here to restore the natural beauty and shine of your hardwood floors, enhancing their appearance while safeguarding them for future enjoyment. We pride ourselves on achieving outstanding results, backed by our 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

  • Thorough Repair and Restoration Services: From minor blemishes to more extensive issues like buckling planks, our experienced technicians handle every aspect of hardwood floor repairs. We also undertake replacement of extensively damaged areas to ensure a flawless integration with your existing flooring.

  • Customized Color Selection and Staining Techniques: Our extensive palette of premium Minwax stains allows you to either perfectly match your current floor color or choose a new shade for a fresh look. Our experts are adept at custom color matching and staining, ensuring you achieve the exact aesthetic you desire.

  • State-of-the-Art, Dustless Sanding Technology: Utilize our 99.7% dust-free sanding technology that drastically reduces clean-up and keeps your home tidy during the refinishing process. This advanced technology allows you to enjoy a smooth finish without the usual inconvenience.

  • Environmentally Friendly, Odor-Free Finishes: We prioritize your health and environmental sustainability just as much as the quality of our finishes. Our sealants are odorless and eco-friendly, offering robust protection without compromising the safety of your home or the planet.

Hardwood Floor Repair in Marietta, Georgia

  • Expertise in Hardwood Floor Repairs and Water Damage Solutions: Whether it’s fixing scratches, dents, or water damage, rely on us to handle minor to major repairs. We perform extensive board replacement and floor resurfacing to rejuvenate your hardwood floors and maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

  • Seamless Board Replacement and Floor Resurfacing: Our services are ideal for floors suffering from significant damage. We provide board replacement and comprehensive resurfacing, ensuring a revitalized look. Our meticulous color matching and finishing techniques guarantee that new materials blend seamlessly with your current flooring.

  • Staining and Finishing Options: Tailor the appearance of your floors with our extensive selection of stains and finishes. Whether you aim for a subtle enhancement or a bold redesign, our skilled professionals are equipped to deliver the precise look you envision.

    Advanced Floor Polishing and Rejuvenation: Enhance the durability and beauty of your hardwood floors with our professional polishing and rejuvenation services. Regular upkeep helps avert early deterioration and keeps your floors looking immaculate and lustrous.

Marietta GA Floor refinishing

Marietta, GA Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Why Choose Mr. Hardwood Inc.?

  • Decades of Hardwood Flooring Expertise: With over 30 years of industry experience, our professionals at Mr. Hardwood, Inc. are thoroughly prepared to manage any hardwood flooring project. Our deep-rooted knowledge and advanced skills set us apart in the Marietta area.

  • Commitment to Client Satisfaction: At Mr. Hardwood, Inc., our focus is on delivering top-notch service and flawless results, backed by a steadfast 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our projects.

  • Cutting-Edge Refinishing Techniques: We utilize the most modern advancements in dustless sanding and apply eco-friendly finishes, ensuring our processes are not only environmentally conscious but also maintain the highest standards of quality and safety throughout.

  • Customized Hardwood Floor Solutions: Recognizing that each client and floor has its own set of characteristics, Mr. Hardwood, Inc. provides bespoke consultations to customize our services to your precise requirements and design preferences.

  • Committed to the Marietta Community: As a dedicated local business, we aim to forge enduring connections within Marietta and nearby areas, striving to uplift local residences and commercial spaces through our specialized services.

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