Why is Carpet Pad Important?

You can’t see it, so you’ll never know it is there. Why do you need it? Because if you didn’t have carpet pad, all you would feel would be a hard subfloor with the softness of a carpet. Carpet padding is arguably more important than the carpet itself when it comes to comfort level. But there are other reasons carpet padding is an important investment when it is time to redo your floors.

1. Padding will help your carpet last longer
Just like vacuuming regularly will help preserve the top of your carpet, using a good carpet pad underneath it will help preserve the underside. By having the extra layer, your carpet will be protected against the base floor which can be rough. And the more traffic that carpet has, the quicker it gets worn down. Without padding underneath your carpet, you will end up with a frayed and worn carpet that looks like it is twenty years old.

2. You get a softer feel
Yes, carpet is soft. But imagine how much softer it would be with a memory foam carpet pad underneath. Our owner would say “it’s heaven under the feet.” And he would be correct. Even if you don’t use the memory foam carpet pad and opt to use the regular supreme carpet pad, you will still get that soft, cushiony feel every time you walk on it.

3. Sound Proofing
Carpet is a great option to put in a basement, den, or game room because, like using an underlayment under a luxury vinyl plank, using a pad under carpet will help insulate sound which means you won’t hear your daughter practicing the drums or your kids running and screaming downstairs.

4. Acts as a moisture barrier
At Mr. Hardwood, we offer a few different kinds of pads, one of which is a moisture barrier pad. This means that if your pipes burst or an appliance leaks and causes water to collect underneath your carpet, that pad will act as a protective barrier. This can help save you money in the long run!

5. It allows you to choose a less expensive carpet
Cosmetics are not always everything. You can have a brand new, expensive car, but if you put cheap oil in it, will it run as well? You can choose the prettiest carpet to match your home, but if you put all of your budget to the carpet and choose a cheap pad, you’ll feel it when you walk on it. Using a comfortable carpet pad will ensure you get the comfort while also getting a carpet that matches your home.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should always invest in padding for underneath your carpet. At Mr. Hardwood we offer three options:
1. Supreme Carpet pad
2. Moisture Barrier Carpet Pad
3. Memory Foam Carpet Pad

Each option allows for a soft, cushiony feel that will compliment any carpet you choose for your home.
We can even put carpet padding under the carpet on your stairs!

Call your Mr. Hardwood flooring experts at 770-318-8880 to see samples of the different carpet pads we offer, as well as talk to a consultant about getting carpet
for your home!

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