What to expect when you let Mr. Hardwood Inc. Refinish Your Hardwood Floors.

Many homeowners fail to realize the impact a sand and refinish of hardwood floors can have on a room, especially when you decide to change the stain color. With today’s color choice’s your possibilities seem endless.


How does the hardwood refinishing process work?

  • All furniture and rugs need to be moved from the room(s) to be refinished. Some customers prefer to move the furniture themselves to cut costs; others prefer to relax and have Mr. Hardwood Inc. move it. 


  • Plastic is placed in areas that are to be protected from dust.


  • The floors are sanded several times…each time with finer grits until the wood’s appearance looks like raw hardwood again opening the pores allowing it to accept stain and polyurethane.  Mr. Hardwood Inc.  uses a dustless sander, however it is important to remember it is not completely dust free.


  • Next Mr. Hardwood Inc. applies several stain samples, selected by the customer, to the floor.  Lighting and species of wood can change the way a stain color appears, so it is important to see it on the homeowner’s actual floor.  Once the homeowner has made a choice, we provide a stain sample sigh-off sheet to ensure the correct color is applied.


  •  Stain is applied to the floor, followed by polyurethane.  The floor will be buffed between coats of polyurethane.


  • The floor must cure before furniture, rugs or pets are allowed on your newly refinished floors.


  • Base boards and shoe molding will need to be repainted after a sand refinish.

How Long is the Cure time?

  • Water Based Poly – Wait 2 hours before you walk on it with socks. 2 days before furniture can be replaced
  • Oil Based Poly – Allow 8 hours before you walk on you newly finished floor and 4 days before furniture can be moved onto the floor.
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