Pro Tip: Preventing Scratches in hardwood flooring

Looking to protect your newly installed hardwood floor? The sad truth is that all hardwood floors will scratch. It’s just a matter of time. However, here are some easy ways to help prevent scratches .

1. Dirt and grit are the biggest cause of scratches of in hardwood flooring. Mr. Hardwood Inc. recommends that you use a microfiber dust mop to minimize dirt and grit on your floors and mop weekly with a floor cleaner made for hardwood floors.

2. Don’t wear shoes in the house. Rocks and dirt are easily tracked in by shoes.

3. Add entry mats at the door. Keep water from rain or snow outside as well pesky dirt.

4. Felt Pads. All furniture should have felt pads, especially chairs.

5. Do not use chairs with rollers on hardwood floors unless you have a rug under it.

6. All rugs should have a rug pad to protect the floor from scratches.

7. If you prefer to vacuum your hardwood floors, remember to use a vacuum made for hardwood floors.

8. Keep pet nails trimmed

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