The Age-Old Debate: Oil vs. Water

One of the most frequently asked questions in the flooring industry is “should I choose an oil-based or
water-based polyurethane?” The answer is they are both a great choice! When you are deciding which
finish to choose when refinishing your floors, it is important to ask yourself a few questions:
• Are you going to stay in your house while your floors are being refinished?
• Will you mind a lingering “new floor” smell for a few days?
• Would you prefer an amber tinted floor over a clear finish?

Water Based Finish
The water-based polyurethane is a clear finish that will slightly accent the character of your wood
without giving it an amber tint. This nearly odorless finish also dries fast, in as little as two to three
hours. This means that you can walk on your floors at night while your project is going on!

Oil Based Finish

The oil-based polyurethane will give your floors a beautiful amber glow! Keep in mind that this finish will
cause the stain you choose to look a little different than the sample you see. This finish will take longer
to dry, about six to eight hours, and it will leave behind a lingering “new floor” odor for just a few days.
However, this polyurethane will create a very protective layer on your floors, making it perfect for
homes with heavy furniture or pets!

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