Introduction To Oak Flooring: What’s So Great About Oak?

Do you want to get oak flooring? Or are you simply wondering “What’s with all the fuss about oak flooring?”

Then read this article… you’ll find out what makes oak flooring so great for homes and offices and you’ll also find out how to choose the best type of oak flooring for your project.

Different oak flooring types

Oak flooring comes in different textures and colors, and it’s really important to get your colors right when redesigning your home. For example, there is red oak and white oak. Texture-wise, oak has natural grain patterns, but modern manufacturing allows the wood to be given numerous textures.

Engineering introduced engineered oak flooring, which is different from solid oak flooring. The first is made up from floorboards that contain oak, but to a smaller extent than what you find in solid oak flooring (which are manufactured from oak timber).

Oak flooring versus other types of flooring – What’s so great about oak?

Oak has been the traditional choice for flooring material for centuries, and there is no wonder why our ancestors loved this material. Oak flooring was used in elegant castles and rustic homes, and is in huge demand even in our days.


Oak flooring has an incredibly beautiful natural color to it. On top of that, it is very durable. For example, to prove that oak can last a life time, have a look at some of the 20th century homes that still have the original oak flooring to them… and that hardwood is in perfect condition.

Oak is also very hard. It is the wood that sets the standards to hardness, and it is used very often as a comparison point when rating other types of wood in terms of hardness.

If you’re not sure on whether to choose engineered oak flooring or solid oak flooring, give us a call today.