Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Myths and Misconceptions

LVP has been installed in homes since the 1970’s. The luxury vinyl plank in those days came in bright
colors and funky patterns. Since then, LVP flooring has grown in popularity due to it’s ease of installation
and replacement, and lower price point. The bright colors have been replaced with earthy browns and
grays, and the funky patterns have been replaced with designs that look like real wood.
Myth: LVP flooring doesn’t look as good as real wood
Luxury vinyl flooring has made great advances in texture, styles, and designs as trends have changed
over the years. Today’s LVP offers almost an endless selection of textured wood and stone looks for you
to choose from. If you are wanting to choose a floor that looks just like hardwood, keep these tips in
1. Choose a style that is at least 48” in length
2. Choose a matte or less shiny finish
3. Avoid splotchy colors and floors that feel spongy
Not only can LVP flooring look like real wood, but it is also less expensive than real hardwoods! Today,
luxury vinyl flooring typically runs between $2-$6 per square foot. Not only will you spend less on LVP,
but you won’t have to provide upkeep on it like you would with hardwood.

1. Myth: LVP floors can’t be repaired
At Mr. Hardwood, we can fix anything. Stains from your pet? Not a problem. Scratches from that pool
table you use twice a year? Consider it done. Water damage on your brand-new luxury vinyl flooring?
Give us a real challenge. Unlike sheet vinyl, LVP flooring is interlocking planks that can be individually
pulled up and replaced, making repairs quick and easy. Because of instances like this, we do recommend
you keep an extra box or two for any necessary repairs, whether it’s for one plank or half a room!

2. Myth: LVP flooring is more expensive to install than hardwood
Luxury. Sounds expensive, right? You would be mistaken. LVP is an incredibly cost-effective flooring
option for your home! Most LVP floors can be installed one of two ways, a click and lock system or glued
down system. Though your in-home flooring consultant cannot always account for subfloor damage
when your old floors are removed, LVP flooring does not usually require anything extensive to install,
making it a cost effective flooring option for your always on-the-go family.

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