Hardwood flooring are an all-time favorite because of their timeless beauty and resilience. In this piece, we’ll explain why hardwood is the best option for grand estates. Prepare to have your preconceptions about hardwood flooring shattered.  

  1. Premium Wood Species: Premium wood species include walnut, Brazilian cherry, and European oak. Your visitors will be blown away by the stunning grain patterns and deep colors. 
  2. Wide Plank Flooring: Flooring made from wide boards gives every room a sense of opulence and sophistication. You may expect your guests to be blown away by the air of expansive luxury they add to your house. 
  3. Custom Stains and Finishes: Your imagination may run wild with custom stains and finishes. Alter the hues and sheens of the stain to suit your own taste in decor. Adding a personal touch is crucial. 
  4. Decorative Inlays and Borders: Raise the class of your floor with elaborate inlays and borders. 
  5. Strong Engineered Hardwood: Longevity is crucial in high-use areas and wet environments. Because of its durability and steadiness, engineered hardwood has you covered. 
  6. Radiant Heating Compatibility: The comfort of walking on heated floors during the cold winter months is made possible by radiant heating systems. Hardwood floors and radiant heat are a pleasant combination. 

You’ll soon see why hardwood floors are the standard for elegant decor. It’s all about making a flooring masterpiece using high-quality materials including exotic woods, broad boards, special coatings, elaborate inlays, and engineered hardwood. Let us help you maintain the timeless charm of your mansion. 

Mr. Hardwood is here to guide you through the maze of hardwood flooring options and design possibilities so that you may create the house of your dreams. Let’s work together to make it happen! Message us right now!