How to Repair Scratches on Hardwood Floors: Tips and Tricks

Hardwood floors are classic and attractive, and they can never go out of style. However, even the best-kept hardwood floors will show signs of wear and tear over time. These flaws might diminish the hardwood’s aesthetic value, but they can be fixed and restored.

How to repair scratches on hardwood floors is discussed below.

Determine How Far Down the Scrape Goes

Finding out how severe the damage is to a hardwood floor is the first step in fixing a scratch. Minor scratches can be fixed using a touch-up kit, but more serious damage may need professional attention.

You can gauge the severity of the cut by touching it with your finger. If the scrape has a groove or a dip in it, it is more widespread and will need additional work.

For Minor Scratches, Use a Touch-Up Kit

Scratches that don’t go deep into the wood’s surface may usually be fixed using a touch-up kit. These sets usually include a crayon or marker in a similar shade to the hardwood’s finish. To repair a scratch, just use the marker or crayon to fill it in and then wipe it away with a dry towel.

For More Severe Scratches, Sand and Refinish.

Scratches that go deeper into the wood may require sanding and a new coat of finish. The scrape will be sanded down and the area will be refinished to match the rest of the hardwood flooring.

Sanding and refinishing are tasks best left to trained experts. Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors on your own might harm the wood beyond repair.

Avoid Further Scratches

Avoiding scrapes on hardwood floors is preferable to fixing them after they happen. To prevent scratches on your furniture, place felt pads beneath the legs of your chairs and tables. Protect your hardwood floors by placing area rugs in heavy traffic areas.

Hardwood floors may also be protected against scratches by keeping them clean and well-maintained on a regular basis. Floors should be swept or vacuumed often to eliminate dirt and debris, and spills should be cleaned up quickly to prevent damage.

In conclusion, scratches on hardwood flooring might diminish the floor’s aesthetic value, but they can be fixed and restored. Minor scratches may be fixed using a touch-up kit, but more extensive damage may call for sanding and refinishing. The easiest method to keep hardwood floors looking great for years to come is to take precautions against scrapes. If you have any scratches you don’t know how to deal with, contact Mr. Hardwood to schedule a consultation.

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