How To Remove Fleas From Carpet

Fleas are microscopic parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded creatures, including humans and domesticated animals. They can rapidly become an annoyance if they infest your home, particularly your carpets. Fortunately, there are various ways to remove fleas from carpets, and here’s how:

  • The first step in eliminating fleas from your carpet is to vacuum it thoroughly. This helps to eliminate flea adults, eggs, and larvae from carpet fibers. Vacuum the entire room, paying particular attention to the places where your pet spends the most time.
  • Next, launder all bedding and other items that may have come into contact with your pet. This eliminates any fleas that may have crawled onto these objects.
  • Flea sprays are available at most pet stores and can be used to kill adult fleas upon contact. Spray the carpet, upholstery, and any other areas where your pet may have urinated or defecated. Follow the directions carefully and ensure adequate ventilation in the room.
  • Flea powder can be used to carpets as well. Sprinkle the powder over the entire carpet and allow it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming.
  • In addition to treating your home, you must also treat your yard for fleas. This prevents fleas from reinfesting your residence.
  • In conclusion, eradicating fleas from your carpet might be a time-consuming operation, but eliminating these pests from your house is well worth the effort. Regular vacuuming, washing of pet objects, use of flea sprays, application of flea powder, and yard treatment can all aid in flea control.

It is important to be careful and take your time when trying to remove fleas from carpet. It is easy to cause damage to the carpet if you are not careful. If all else fails, give Mr.Hardwood a call at 770-318-8880 for a free home estimate to restore the damaged area.

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