How do I keep my carpets clean?

You either hate carpet or you love it. I’ve never met someone that was on the fence about it. Those who
do hate it often hate how dirty it always seems. That’s called carpet shaming, and Mr. Hardwood is not
about it. There are ways to keep your new carpet looking clean and dirt free.

1. Leave the shoes at the door
Studies show that most of the dirt and bacteria brought into your home are freeloading particles
hitching rides on your shoes. Your fiber carpet will act like a magnet and cling onto that material which
can result in stains, damaged carpet fibers, and even matting. Leave the shoes at the door to keep your
carpet looking new.

2. Treat stains as quickly as possible
I can see my mom’s eye roll and hear her sigh while telling me I should have been more careful. No one
likes seeing something stain their brand-new carpet, especially knowing how much you just paid for it. If
a cup does happen to spill all by itself, use a spot and stain spray that will help remove the stain and any
odor. Remember to always blot the stain, not rub!

3. Clean up, clean up!
This seems like common sense, but the best way to maintain your carpet is to vacuum weekly. Not only
will it have a positive impact on the quality of your carpet, but it will also improve the air quality in your
home. It is also recommended to give your carpets a professional-grade deep clean once a year. Like
Donna and Tom would say, everyone needs a treat yo self-day, even your carpet.

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