How To Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors

There is nothing more frustrating than getting paint on your hardwood floor. Here are some techniques you can do in-house to remove that pesky paint off your floors. Here are five techniques for getting paint off your floor.

  • Gather your tools: You’ll need a putty knife, mineral spirits, a scrub brush, and a clean rag.
  • Start with the putty knife: Use it to gently scrape away as much of the paint as you can and be careful not to scratch the surface of the wood while doing so.
  • Use mineral spirits and a rag: Wipe away the remaining paint with the mineral spirits and a clean rag. Make sure to work in small sections and wipe up any excess mineral spirits to avoid any damage to your hardwood.
  • Scrub if needed: If the paint is still not coming off, use a brush and mineral spirits to gently scrub the area. Remember to work in the direction of the wood grain to avoid any damage.
  • Clean the area: After all the paint is removed, wipe the area with a clean rag and water to remove any residue of mineral spirits.
  • Sand if necessary: If any stains remain, you may need to sand the area lightly to remove it.
  • Finish with polyurethane: To seal and protect the wood, apply a coat of polyurethane to the area.

It’s important to note that these steps are for paint spills on hardwood floors that have not been sealed or finished. If the hardwood floors have been sealed or finished, it’s best to call a professional to handle the paint removal as it’s a much more delicate process. So don’t let the paint on your hardwood floors ruin your beautiful floors, these steps are simple and easy to follow and in no time, your hardwood floors will be looking as good as new without that excess paint. It is important to be careful and take your time when trying to remove paint from hardwood floors. It is easy to cause damage to the wood if you are not careful. If all else fails, give Mr.Hardwood a call at 770-318-8880 for a free home estimate to restore the damaged area.

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