How Often Should You Refinish Your Floor

One good reason to invest in a solid or engineered floor is because both can be refinished at least once, allowing you to refresh and update your floors. It’s recommended to refinish your flooring about once every seven to ten years. The process of refinishing a floor can be quick and painless, often taking no longer than 3-5 days, depending on if you choose oil or water base. But how can you tell when a floor should be refinished? Read our list of things to look for that will tell you it’s time to refinish your floors.
1. Excessive Dents and Scratches
Furniture can be heavy, pet’s nails can be long, and items can be dropped resulting in scratches and dents in your floors. If you start seeing many small imperfections like dents and scratches, it’s probably time to fix those. Luckily, most of the time imperfections can be sanded out during the refinishing process. And if they can’t be sanded out, the board can be replaced beforehand.
2. Fading and Discoloration
I personally love natural light, so my blinds and windows are always open. And while I’m soaking up
some Vitamin D, my floors are fading from the constant beat down from the sun’s UV rays. Fading can also affect high traffic areas like front doors, hallways, and living rooms and kitchens. When a floor is refinished, the stain and coats of polyurethane are sanded down, allowing the faded color to be replaced with a new and vibrant one. After your floors are refinished, one way you can prevent the fading and discoloration from happening is to keep your blinds closed where the sun shines
directly on your floors and to lay down rugs in high traffic areas.
3. Water Damage
The best way to clean your floors is to dry mop once per week, and mop with a very, very damp microfiber cloth. When you use a heavily saturated mop, you run the risk of damaging your floors. Water damage can also be a result from leaking appliances or poor ventilation in a crawlspace or basement beneath your floors.
One way you can tell that your floors need to be refinished is if when you do mop, the water stays on top of the wood instead of soaking into the grain. Refinishing your floors can help fix any minor water damage your floors may have been subject to.

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