3 Reasons to Replace Your Floors in the Spring

No one wants strangers in their house, especially when you know those strangers are going to make some kind of mess during the process. To help alleviate the stress of getting your floors redone, we recommend doing them in early spring. Below are three reason why doing them in the spring is the best decision for you and your family.

1. Moderate Humidity and Temperatures
Hardwoods absorb moisture, especially when the humidity levels are high in the summer which will cause the boards to expand. Hardwood can also shrink when the humidity levels are low in the winter. If you have hardwood flooring installed during either of these times, the acclimation times necessary to bring the wood to the correct moisture level can be much longer than normal. If you replace your flooring in the spring when moisture levels are relatively low, your chances or shrinkage
or expansion during installation are low.

2. Ventilation
Depending on what kind of flooring you are having installed, sometimes an adhesive or glue may need to be used. Because some people are more sensitive to smells than others, opening your windows can help alleviate those fumes and smells quickly. If you get your flooring project done in the spring, the temperature is cool enough outside you can keep the windows open and still stay comfortable.

3. Keeping Doors Open Won’t Be Uncomfortable
If you are having new flooring installed, it is safe to assume old flooring will be removed. And whether you are doing that, or your contractor is doing that, someone will be walking in and out of your house multiple times. If you have your floors redone in the spring, the temperatures outside are cool enough that keeping your doors open won’t make you uncomfortable. We also usually don’t see bugs until it the weather gets warmer, so you won’t have to worry about pesky insects invading your

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