There are many homes in AcworthAtlanta and Kennesaw with stunning hardwood floors. You have spent a lot of money to beautify your home with elegant hardwood floors. Of course you want them looking great for years to come, but over time your wood floors can become faded and scratched and lose some of their aesthetic beauty. Now it’s not always necessary to replace your hardwood floors. You could consider the economical and more practical option of hardwood floor refinishing.

Mr Hardwood is a preferred supplier and installer of hardwood floors in Acworth, Atlanta and Kennesaw. We also provide top quality wood floor refinishing services. Hardwood floor refinishing will restore the shine and luster to your dull and faded floors, making them look as good as new. Refinishing also extends the lifespan of your floors. Our eco-friendly highly-resilient sealants will protect your floor for years to come. They’re safe for your family and the environment. In addition, refinishing gives you the option to select a different color for your hardwood floors.

Whether your floors are brand new, in good condition or recently refinished, you will want to keep them clean and looking beautiful. Fortunately cleaning hardwood floors is easy. However before you rush off and grab a bucket and cleaner, you need to consider your type of floor finishing. It is the surface finishing and not the type of wood that determined the best way to clean your floors.

Surface-sealed floors are stain and water-damage resistant and only require you to sweep and mop. Seal and oil treated floors require a bit more tender love and care and you should polish them with an appropriate liquid or paste wax.

Whatever type of floor finish you have you should only use floor cleaning products recommended by your floor supplier. In most cases soap and water will be safe. However it is best to ask the advice of a flooring expert so you can be confident your floors get the best care and treatment.