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Carpet installation is one of the most affordable and low maintenance options for flooring for your home or office. New carpet installation or flooring has the ability to transform spaces in a matter of seconds.  New carpet installation is not always a simple and straightforward decision when it comes to choosing a floor for your space. Often consumers are unaware of the variety of carpet and the details that matter such as density, fiber, and durability. Simply choosing to go with a respected brand that makes attractive carpet options is not always wise as many good-looking carpets are made of the lowest quality. As you search for the perfect carpet for your space consider the handful of things we share below to ensure you choose a carpet that is more than meets the eye. You are welcome to come by our Flooring Store in Acworth and have us help you decide which is best for you. Choosing carpet installation for your home or commercial retail or office space is always a fun experience. We carry all of the major manufacturers and brands and can find any specialty you might want as well. Come Visit our showroom at

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How to Identify a Quality Carpet, Come to our Flooring Store

In general the more dense or thick your carpet installation is the more durable and long lasting it is expected to be. Thick, dense carpets provide for a very plush feel when walked upon and are ideal if small children frequently visit the space. Dense carpets are known for standing up to heavy traffic as well but often lack the softer feel of less dense carpets. As you note the density of carpets also seek further information about the carpet’s fiber and material made to make it. Carpet fibers range from olefin to plastic to wool. Many carpets on the market today are made of olefin and polyester. Olefin is a type of processed plastic and is known for being resistant to staining and wear. Nylon has similar properties but is often much softer to the touch. Wool carpets are recommended for homes located in cooler climates. Artificial fibers are the primary fibers used to make carpet for their inherent ability to stand up to wear, affordability, and style and design properties.

Types of Carpet Installation

There are various types of carpet installation, including loop, (berber), twist (shag), pattern, and texture. Loop carpets are recommended for high traffic areas such as hallways and family playrooms. Twist varieties are ideal for living spaces such as bedrooms and pattern or texture carpets are most commonly found in single family home residences. Cut-loop carpets also known as texture are made after cutting the loops to create plush carpet that can be found in various spaces such as hospitals and schools as the carpet is versatile and often cut very low. Patterned carpets have a combination of both cuts and loops. They also have a wide range of colors and textures and work well in formal areas and entrances for statement purposes. We carry samples of all of these types of floors at our Flooring Store.

How to Care for Your Carpet

Carpet maintenance and cleaning involves regular vacuuming and monthly steaming. Steamers are available at your local home improvement store. You may purchase a carpet steam cleaner or simply rent one to conserve cost. Often employing the help of a professional carpet cleaner ensures that the right processes are used to care for your carpet as well as solutions and treatments for stains or heavily soiled areas. Visit our Flooring Store in Acworth and we can provide you with a few professional references of quality cleaning companies.

Here are the top four methods recommended to clean and care for your carpet:

  • Steam clean – A liquid solution of detergent is sprayed onto the carpet and immediately vacuumed.
  • Dry clean – A powdered detergent is sprinkled onto the carpet and immediately vacuumed up.
  • Foam extraction – A foam is spread over the carpet that pulls up debris, stains, and dirt. The foam is then immediately vacuumed up.
  • Rotary shampoo – Detergent solution is brushed into the carpet by a machine and then quickly vacuumed.

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